I shot some scenes of a house that has been in my family since 1935, which is now emptied and sold. These undeveloped negs are now all I have.

The work was done on 4x5 Trix ("TXP" I think they call it now?) bought recently. I set the ASA at 200 and exposed shadows for zone III. I was not sure of the reciprocity (sp?) so I did bracket, dramatically increasing the exposures in some cases.

The indoor shots were done in the daytime, usually near a window, but the day outside was rainy and the light was very dim and flat. The metered range (when I was able to meter- see below) of most of the scenes was only 3-4 stops. Exposures were very long, I made some in the 5- 30 sec range, and remembering (I hope correctly) that reciprocity is huge with this film, I dramatically increased some of the exposures to 2-3 minutes (overkill?).

The whole thing was unfortunately ill-prepared and very rushed, people were literally dismanteling the furnishings around me as I tried to shoot. I think I made a lot of mistakes, as a matter of fact, I think the exposures are probably all over the map. I did however, try to err on the side of more exposure when I was not given time to meter, as I have yet to truely overexpose a sheet of Tri-X (there is a first time for everything though).

These will be done in trays, one at a time, so if one shot does not come out, I can vary development for it's mate (taking into account the additional exposure) in the filmholder. This will be very time consuming, but this is very important to me. Unfortunately the actual shooting was so rushed, but that's the way it is. If at all possible, I would like to get nice prints from these negs.

On the whole, I an extreme expansion development will be required, based on the very flat "SBR's". Which brings me to my question- (thanks for wading through this) which developer would you choose in this situation?