I saw hundreds of Michael's prints. And Paula's. And a bunch of Per's. It turns out Per and I live a mile apart, so I've seen his work before.

Michael's and Paula's in breathtaking. There is no other word. When you see the tones, the sharpness, the contrast, the framing of the image all working together, it's like the camera is lensless...there is no glass or barrier of any kind between you and the focal point of the scene, miles away. What is most striking about Michael and Paula's prints is that they all glow where they are supposed to, there is just a hint of detail in the darkest things, and there is always at least a hint of tone in the whitest things. And the way they "see" things is such that the eye never leaves the frame. It is directed around and ultimately inward.

As I wrote above, I have tiptoed into the whole pyro thing because, frankly, I was a little intimidated by both all the cautions I heard about pyro and by mixing chemicals. I prefer to pour liquids. So I had successfully avoided the whole ABC thing until this weekend. Michael mixes the stuff so casually, as he also does with Amidol, that looks to be easier than pouring from bottles. It was cool to see the printing by inspection...something you know about, Jorge...but the REALLY cool thing was to see the tones just pop into glow with the Azo. We would be working with a print and get it almost right...which looked better than anything I have ever printed...and then do one more, with just a little of this or that, and BAM, it glowed. Yikes.

By the way (and now this is WAY off topic) I will be in the DF in two weeks. I know you're in Mexico. Are you close to the DF? I would love to see some of your work.