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I'm looking into this because in the sun (inconsistent from day to day) I can dodge and burn some whereas in a UV box I really can't accomplish it with out increasing the distance between my neg and lights which would cause me to stand there for toooo long. Those of you who use HID's do you find it possible to dodge and burn at all better/easier or am I wasting my time with switching?

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Have you considered looking for a platemaker such as the NuArc 261K on ebay? The going price of used NuArc 26-1k platemakers appears to be from about $400 to $700, and at the lower end of the price range such a unit, which comes with vacuum easel and light integrator, would cost less than putting together a new 1000 watt HID Luminaire unit, where you would require a separate vacuum easel and integrator.

Dodging is very easy with the NuArc and HID units (but use UV googles to shield your eyes), but in fact it is only slightly more complicated with a bank of UV tubes.