I can dodge and burn some whereas in a UV box I really can't accomplish it with out increasing the distance between my neg and lights which would cause me to stand there for toooo long.

You can dodge and burn with UV light and little distance. Use rubylitch masks which offer FAR more precision than using your hands anyway. If a rubylith mask is laid on top of the glass, the slight distance to the print is enough to soften the edges so you don't get hard egdes on the dodge/burn areas. I cut a mask recently for an 8x10 neg (I do them for 4x5's, too) which effectively dodged electric wires going every which direction and bruned small, precise areas I could never have succesfully done with my hands.

Secondlyt, if you are printing with Pt/Pd consider Super Actinic bulbs which are at least a stop faster than traditional BLB's (very nice with pyro developed negs). SA's can be found at a good light supply store or ordered from Universal Light Source in San Francisco (ask for Doug, tell him I sent you and I don't get a dime for referrals!) or they also sell SA's for aquariums. SA's have a narrow output range right around 415nm and are great for Pt/Pd and POP and maybe others that I've not experimented with.