I would not use HC 110 under these circumstances. My experience with Tri X and HC 110 indicate that this combination will not expand beyone N + 1 1/2. To gain the greatest expansion available I would use a staining developer like W2D2+ or Pyrocat HD. The proportional stain componant of these developers will provide an additional .15 to .30 density (depending on exposure and high value density) with this film over a non staining developer. I would not use ABC pyro since the grain would be excessive for enlarging.

If I were developing TriX in tray in Pyrocat (1-1-100), for instance, I would try development of 10 1/2 minutes at 70 degrees as a beginning and adjust from there as needed. However, considering the reciprocity effect you may not require as much expansion as first believed.

The additional benefit of a catechol developer is the compensating effect in the situations where you have a relatively bright window and dim interior.