I go from either multi contrast developer or Neutol wa to stop and then film strength Kodak or Agfa fix (1:3) for 60 seconds with fibre base paper. Then I rinse of the print with a few changes of water and finish the printing session with about 10 prints. If I can finish up by the next morning I leave them soaking in a tray then wash again for a few minutes. Then I tone in selenium and follow with Perma wash for about 15 minutes, rinse until the Formulary residual hypo test shows no stain -usually 15 to 20 minutes in 68 centigrade water. I find that if I do a second fix, it takes forever to show no residual fix stain, so I cut out that step. I never have stains however sometimes I get some colourless fingerprints on the prints which I attribute to just being sloppy and touching the image area of the prints. I'm not trying to bore you with all this, I'm no expert, but I always worry about this process. I can't stand wasting water and if I run the tap for 30 to 60 minutes with warm water mixed in to keep the temp around 20 degress, it uses up all the hot water and other household chores can't be done. ( Not to mention the power wasted. If I used only cold water it would be well below 50 fahrenheit as the Toronto water is always quite cold. Any suggestions...?