Ah thanks David, I was asking because I have seem some of Per's photogrpahs in his site and he has a very unusual eye, and he also is a wonderful printer. As to Michael's prints I am curious because we have an ongoing discussion about composition and printing. He was kind enough to send me his book (which I have not received) but I am afraid that an integral part of his prints is the tone scale, and I am afraid I will miss that from the prints in the book.

If you are comming to Mexico City, send me a note when and I will meet you , maybe have a few beers and talk some shop.

Ok we are back now to your regularly scheduled program.

So just so that Flotsam forgives me, dont fail to check Ed Buffaloe's site unblinkingeye, he has many formulas for pyro and for catechol. Some people prefer the brown stain of catechol over the pyro stain. I know Clay Harmon uses catechol for his ULF negatives and he gets wonderful results, you might want to give it a shot also.