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Out of curiosity, why don't you want to agitate by rotation?
It has more to do with familiarity than anything else - While developing 35mm and 6x6 sizes, I use the more common method of keeping the whole negative spool dunked in the developer at all times (except while doing the inversion agitation).

I would guess that it is more difficult to achieve consistency while constantly rolling all the tubes manually, then by using the method that
Francesco describes above. If I make the size of the cap atleast equal to the part of the tube which will contain the film, then I should be able to ensure that 100% of the film is dunked when the tube is left standing vertical.

The only downside I can see at this point is the quantity of developer required. Which brings me to Pyrocat HD. Given that it is used at 1:1:100, would I be correct in assuming I need a larger quantity of the developer than I would if I were using say - FX 39 (which I use for 35mm and 6x6) or XTol?