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Can you let us know the manes of the art range available to you
Sure Les, I'll find out about Art Classic. They had some samples out of the art range and it did look very nice. Good to know you like it. I'm thinking about trying it for a small exhibition coming up soon. The pricing seemed quite different to what I pay for AGFA MCC 111 - approx 50% more on avg. But I'll check that.

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Out of interest, who's stocking it up there?
It's actually stocked at 'The Photo Warehouse' on Gt North Rd. They say they've always stocked it, but I've never seen it. Think they are just trying to suck me in again after an incident where they ripped me off a few weeks ago (and I let them know I knew it). If you are going to buy from there, I would recommend checking their pricing if you can.
By the way; love the name (I think there are a few people in the Royal Forest and Bird Soc looking for you).