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I can't stand wasting water and if I run the tap for 30 to 60 minutes with warm water mixed in to keep the temp around 20 degress, it uses up all the hot water and other household chores can't be done.
Hmmmm.....I wonder if washing prints is comparable to washing film. Obviously, FB paper is likely to absorb more fixer than film is, which only absorbs it in the emulsion, but might a certain number of water changes suffice for paper? When I wash film I fill, slosh and empty the washer 12 times...period! You can mystify and obfuscate the obvious all you want to, chant secret mantras and dance in a cabalic circle till your feet swell, but the film is completely washed (I have years and years of evidence that this is so)...end of story. Perhaps there's a critical number of exchanges of water that will do the same for paper beyond which one is swatting at shadows, and indulging one's inner anal fussbudget. It would be worth it to save the water albeit it would be much more labor intensive.