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I know that Ansel Adams recommended a
process similar to what you are suggesting, ...
Some what similar. He was in the darkroom for about
50 + years. For a time, IIRC, he used a some what acid
stop and 1st fix then held. Prints then went into an alkaline
sodium thiosulfate 2nd fix, Adam's plain fixer, then into a
selenium + KHCA bath. How he processed prior to the
50s and the advent of KHCA and KRST I don't know.

My box of KHCA instructs one to add 71 grams of
Kodalk to each gallon of KHCA. That is to insure the
alkaline condition of the print. Adam's used an ALKALINE
2nd fix and so could get away with a direct transfer to
the KHCA + KRST bath. That bath combination is short
lived. If the two are to be used separately the KRST
can be used many times over. But be sure the print
is in an alkaline condition; KHCA + Kodalk. Dan