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In review of this photograph, and the web portfolio, I don't really enjoy his work except for some of the natural landscape images. It mostly seems excessively cerebral and at the same time visually boring -- like the Peggy Lee song, "Is That All There Is?" But thanks for posting it, and exposing me to his work.
Wow, I'm not about to argue with you about your opinion, thats the one thing none of us can be wrong about. Though initially, I was almost shocked to read this. It seems we have almost exactly opposite views of Mark's work. I find I enjoy it most when I let go and try not to overthink it, but allow my visual excitement and emotional response to guide me through the work.

It's really refreshing in a way for me to hear this opinion about someone's work I hold in such high esteam. It makes me realize more acutely how subjective art really is. I think it hearing differing opinions about the work of photographers like Mark can make it easier to take AND reject criticism of your own work. Thanks Bill.