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Shawn, I agree with your assessment of the photo. Simple yet complex which is a quality I enjoy.

I have not seen any of Citret's work in person, nor any of his books. However, reading his essays and website a few years ago was an inspiration for me. As John Voss said, making gold out of lead, closely noticing the things that are taken for granted. This caused me to strive for the same qualities.
Looking more closely at our surrondings is something I'm from which I'm sure would could all benefit. I'm learning that lesson the hardway, by trying to photograph, literaly, in my own back yard. My continuing Campbell's Farm series opens me up a little more with each image.

Nice looking website by the way Alex. I didn't realize you'd put it up. I guess the link in your signature wasn't obvious enough for me. I will say you need a photograph on the home page! Best. Shawn