Shawn when I looked at the shot you posted I honestly didn't see anything complex or warm or comforting in it! However, reviewing Mark Citret's galleries, I am thankful that you gave the link. There are many interesting ideas in there. I see mostly sweeping geometry and open space, with very gentle tonality - relatively low contrast.

Overall I definitely would not say that I feel any sense of warmth/comfort from the photographs I viewed; on the contrary, many galleries (e.g. Cafes, Motels, On the Road) seem desperately lonely to me, perhaps because they are scenes that one expects to be full of people/life and instead one finds rather muted light. A common theme in many of the scenes is some 'evidence' (e.g. used cutlery, a towel, ruffled sheets) indicating that the scene was recently inhabited, but somehow I find the emptiness rather discomforting, to be honest.