Things like this is fun to read and just for the record Bergger not produce anything, Bergger buy things and brought all their stuff from Forte!

If itís not thru than the other location would be Foma or Efke none of those manufacture anything and never did to Bergger. The next option would be China or meybe Kentmere or even Ilford. But not likelly!

If you just looked the products than you clearly see that is forte 100% as the technical similarity is something you canít pass by:

Now, if Mr Guy Gerard has put up the money requires buying Forte he would have succeeded but they just wanted to rent the place which of course the owners donít want to happen! Yes he can by it but than he need some cash.

My proposal is this if Mr Gerard, J&C and other are really interested to buy and doesnít have enough money than they should ask us! Iím willing to buy some shares with out any hesitation!

Mind you that the situation is similar with Efke as it were with Forte and Foma has a rich cousin called Porsche, but cousins do get angry with each others sometimes!

So Mr, what ever your names are, come out of the bush and letís talk!