It's another no news is good news. We are living in a World where there aren't any real answers. At one time I thought that using Oriental was living on the edge. It wasn't Kodak or Ilford, will it work OK or will it fall apart in the tray? Then I went big and started using AZO, that didn't last long. I tried Nuance from JandC, that didn't last. Now I am trying some new papers and I suspect that they won't last either. In the end I will probably be using Ilford and using a lot less due to the cost. And I won't be alone either. It's supply and demand and the demand is way down according to the editorial in the current edition of FOCUS magazine. I think the collectors would like to see an end to traditional, Analog, photography so the prices will go up on existing prints. All the more reason to continue as long as we can and leave our descendent's something of value.