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Wow. You guys sure are a bitter bunch. Especially when it comes to the French, it seems. When will you stop badmouthing companies for not speaking here in person and instead INVITE these fine people to come up here?

Everyone complains about the absence of Kodak, Fuji, Forte, Bergger, whatnot, spokespersons on this forums, but nobody has ever sent a letter of invitation or pressed Sean to strike an offer of partnership. Ilford is here because they sponsor this forum. They're looking after their money, in a good way.

Not against the French at least it wasn't my intention as I have very good friends who is French but against people who donít know when itís time to tell the truth. And if you had fallowed other threads you might find that we were ruff on others too like Maco for example even Ilford who has nothing to do with this at all.