PE probably has Bsc in applied chemistry if not more, but reading heís lines I do know who he is. I have high education too to understand some.

Bergger is not that big so they can hold a continuity with there recipe at Forteís plant. Therefore it would be very difficult to stop and restart manufacturing! I remember the time when Forte stopped production two or some years ago it was very difficult to come back again and not to talk about the losses which aspired.

As I stated here before I know a lotís of people at Forte. I have selling not repacked but with an agreement with Forte a film called Europan in LF and ULF sizes do to the situation that all those films had been re imported from the US back to Europe and because of this new situation of X-rays on airports, with shipping and post services which damage the film. . (Not with stuff you have on the plane but stuff in cargo)