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I know more than one manufacturer who takes this view -- and several distributors too. This makes Ilford's stance all the more admirable, but we should not automatically condemn those who do not participate in these forums.


I agree with you, I think one of the big PR games to be played these days is about direct public contact. I remember in 1996 how "cool" it was for the heads of state to have an official email address at which you could perhaps reach them directly...

All the newspapers are opening discussion forums to each news, organisations are looking for "our comments", even the little place where I work has a web site that is begging for people to come and say their wise words to us. In parallel, a lot of high-traffic specialized communities are sprouting, taking the role of informal focus groups. But they're messier than a focus group, more vocal, and less statistically harmonized.

It's not exactly a swamp, but neither is it a glacial lake.