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Sure, but my point remains that despite your criticisms of Bergger et al. you do not seem to be intent on bringing these fine folks to the debate here and let them show us we're right or wrong.
I admire Simon and PE because they are here even if discussions go ruff! Probably and itís the only way to do it to be close to your costumers even if they are here to watch their investment or interest. That is brilliant in my eye and just show that they are interested in some ways. We donít had to be friends but their being here shows something.

I have wrote earlier that if Mr Gerard or J&C come out here and says that he need money in order to save Forte I would even buy some shares with out any hesitation

Itís not my do to bring out others here it must be their interest to do so and itís up to them and not up to me or us for that matter. It's a free world we living in.