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Please post more about your Holga experiences. I've recently gotten interested in what's possible with cheap 120s. I've got the idea that it'd be cool to keep a couple in the car -- one loaded with fast film, the other loaded with slow. With a single shutter speed and two apertures, I'm thinking the Holga and development by inspection would be a great combination.

Sorry for dropping in uninvited, but why specifically Holga?
If you're just after cheap 120, why not try Czech Flexaret TLR? It produces *MUCH* better photos - if by "better" you think sharper, no vignetting, (usually) no flare, etc...

I've got one (Flexaret V), and I'm very pleased with it. Nice to handle, and unlike Rolleicord, you don't need to cock the shutter separately. You can see some of sample photos I took with it in my Flexaret folder on photo.net.
It shouldn't cost much more than a Holga, handles better, and produces predictable results.
However, if you're after that specific "Holga look", than it may not be what you're looking for.

Aside from that, to get back to the original question, my 6x6 shooters are the above mentioned Flexaret, Yashica 124G and a great Rolleiflex T. All very nice shooters - and I must confess that I'm particularly fond of the Rolleiflex.