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I wonder how many people toss out computers with the hard drives still on them?

I wonder how much private info is contained on those hard drives?

Remember, no matter how you discard the old 'puter - make sure to remove the HD and effectively destroy it before doing so. Just erasing it clean will not keep "bad guys" from getting to your personal data.
You can erase a hardrive without destroying it (say you were selling it, or donating it). No software or computer erasure program can do it, however you can utterly obliterate any information or echos of information by erasing the drive with a magnetic bulk eraser, such as TV stations used to erase 1" and 2" reel to reel video tapes.

EDIT-I have only used it on disposing of drives, now that I think of it, I wonder of the delicate parts of the mechanism would survive the magnetic field. It may be just a good way to destroy a drive