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Please post more about your Holga experiences. I've recently gotten interested in what's possible with cheap 120s. I've got the idea that it'd be cool to keep a couple in the car -- one loaded with fast film, the other loaded with slow. With a single shutter speed and two apertures, I'm thinking the Holga and development by inspection would be a great combination.

My wife, Dianna, has taken posession of the DSLR, and she's welcome to it. It'd be nice, though, for me to have something cheap I can keep in the car at all times for unexpected shooting.

In another part of the country that would probably work, but here in Texas those things would probably melt. Maybe not the harder plastic of the body, but the lens is also plastic and will probably melt (if left in your car) to the point of giving you completely soft images. I ran through my first Holga as mostly experimentation: the shutter is controlled by a simple spring and eventually this spring goes bad. This has happened on my first holga and I haven't gotten around to removing the shutter assembly--then you just use the lens cap and do bulb exposures with it. My other Holga, the nice one with velcroed back to stop light leaks, the one without gaft tape everywhere, the one with a shutter... it's taking a vacation in London with my girlfriend for the month. It really doesn't have two apertures, more like one and a switch which doesn't really do anything. Hopefully Leon will post here, he has a lot of experience with toy cameras. For more info you can also look at http://www.toycamera.com