Kodak held a meeting of shareholders today in NYC. Although they are to report it tomorrow in the paper, the local TV news tonight ended with a short segment on the meeting.

Of main interest was this. Perez said that Kodak would let traditional (analog) photography play out to the end as it made $300 M this last year (Offhand IDK if that was sales or income). Interestingly enough, I remember when color paper alone made $500 M (that was income) in one year. This should give you an idea of how much sales have dropped.

The announcer added that Kodak has kept the lead in motion picture film and it appears that with the slow growth of digital there this news should make Steven Spielberg happy. That was Rich Funke in NYC for the meeting on channel 10 news in Rochester at 6:25 PM, Rochester.

More news after I read the paper tomorrow morning.