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At the risk of getting off-topic...where did you see the bw photo papers? I searched here but didn't find any...


Agfa still manufactures a document film (Copex) which can be made to act (more or less) as a continuous-tone pictorial film with special developers, but I think that's the extent of their involvement in still photography.
It's all right there under the Aerial products at the link you gave. They make several color negative emulsions for aerial photography, a color transparency film, b/w films and Rapidtone papers. These would currently be long roll products for aerial imaging applications, but of course they could be custom cut.

A better link, with more clearcut product descriptions would be:

Black and White products: http://www.agfa.com/en/sp/solutions/...hite/index.jsp

Color products: http://www.agfa.com/en/sp/solutions/...olor/index.jsp

It is obvious to me that certain NEW consumer films from a company in Germany are based on emulsions outlined in the above two links.