I'm curious if anybody here has seen this, and if so if they can cite the source.

The following appeared on "another network" in a current thread:

Dwaynes has said in ads that is {sic} intends to process Kodachrome for at least 3 more years.
This is the first I've ever heard of any "warning" or "deadline" given in units of time as to when Kodachrome and/or processing would be discontinued.

It surprises me, because not too long ago I phoned Dwaynes and asked. The lady I spoke to stated flat out that there were no plans in the works to discontinue Kodachrome processing. She sounded sincere, not just like somebody blindly parroting the company line.

I just checked Dwayne's web site and found no reference to three years anywhere.

Anybody (else) seen any references to this three-year warning?

PE, any comments?