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I have steadily been doing as much of my photography manually as I can. You can't blame me for owning an electronic camera or two. In fact if you don't count the F3 my only camera that really has any auto-thingamagic potential is the N90s. A fine camera I might add. But I don't own any autofocus lenses for it to do the gee-whiz stuff and surely you will indulge me if I decide to take out a Nikon flash at a party and dabble in a bit of TTL decadence.

Thanks for the tip on the Swatchbook, I'll take a dozen or so!

Blame you? Me? Who bought an FG new and recently replaced it with a used N8008S? Me? Who has an SB-15 and a recently acquired Agfa 643CS with modules etc. and who has even used it in auto-TTL mode 15 feet from the camera? Me? Never!

By the way, the blast hummingbirds effort was a fiasco. Flash wasn't powerful enough, I got too much exposure from ambient.

But by hanging on to your Nikon gear you're saddling yourself with bigger and heavier than you need use.

About the $0.01 swatchbooks, I think they're one per customer. Could be mistaken. I bought mine, and only that, at B&H a couple of years ago while in NYC with my wife. The B&Hs were mightily amused by the tiny bill. No sales tax could be levied. "Cash, charge, check?"