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Our youngest daughter works at Xerox on advanced printing for the publishing industry. She cannot talk about her work, but has said some of the things they have are truly amazing.

I have seen one of their advanced machines as a member of the Science and Technology group for the local school system. I would have to agree that Xerox has a lot of stuff. I wonder how they will do head to head.

Hello Ron,

I just attended the printing industry trade show Print Week. Definitely for on-demand, low volume, and variable data printing, Xerox, HP, and Kodak GCG are the main players. All have slightly different technologies to accomplish similar aims. I have samples and technical information from all of them, and from several smaller companies. I also have many overviews and recommendations from paper companies about the various printing choices from these companies.

Since I am working on a portfolio, I am looking into who is running which machine from which company. I was amazed at the latest Kodak NexPress solution, especially since I have considered the Xerox iGen to be the best choice. Both companies are slightly ahead of HP, which Antonio Perez probably enjoys.

It is that perception that Kodak is primarily a film company that somewhat works against there other technology. Xerox is known as a company that sells to businesses, something that Kodak would do better to establish as their primary perception.

In some ways I see film at Kodak more like motorcycles at BMW. In the case of BMW, their motorcycle division has barely been profitable, and has always had somewhat low (though stable) sales volume. The automotive division makes possible the traditional motorcycles sales, so maintaining that heritage; yet BMW has the perception of being a car company, even to the point that many in public never heard of BMW motorcycles.

I am also reminded of a question that pops up on occaission from my friends. They ask is Kodak will stop making film soon. To which I usually reply that Kodak are still bringing in over $3 billion (revenues) a year from film. So far none of my friends has doubted why Kodak still make film when it brings in such a large amount of revenue.


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