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Those layoffs were announced along with 500 immediate layoffs about 2 weeks ago. I posted it here. Is this a post you missed? It is my understanding that this was not 3000 more but the 3000 already mentioned several weeks ago.

I must have missed it! I don't think I was the only one, however....

Most of the announcements concerning Kodak's earnings cited that 24,000 layoffs had been performed with a total of 27,000 planned. And yesterday, that number became a planned total of 30,000 due to 3,000 additional layoffs.

Those additional 3,000 layoffs were not announced during the earnings call and the 27,000 number was raised by at least one analyst. That would have been the time to provide a correction but none was offered.

An odd sort of mis-step. Nothing malicious behind the omission, I'm sure, but strange that there should be so much surprise a week later.