The Agfa/Gaevart operation in Belgium (separate from Agfa/Germany) coats numerous b/w & color films in its Aerial Photography division. These could be (and some already are, by remarketers) cut and finished to fit 35mm and 120 cameras.

Here are the product descriptions:

:Aviphot Pan 80 PE1 and PE0: High resolution, intermediate speed, fine grain panchromatic negative film for low to high altitude flights. The very fine graininess and the high sharpness of the film make it ideal for use in mmilitary high altitude reconnaissance and for detailed mapping applications.

:Aviphot Pan 200 PE1, PE0 and PE0-AR: Medium speed, fine grain panchromatic film for low to medium altitude flights. Average gradient can vary between 0.8 and 1.6.

:Aviphot Pan 400S PE1 and PE0: High speed, low fog, fine grain panchromatic negative film for low to medium altitude flights. Suitable for poor light conditions. Aerage gradient variation between 0.6 and 1.1.

:Avitone P1p and P3p: Negative acting, orthochromatic continuous tone films for making diapositive from black-and-white originals. Extremely fine grain emulsion gives enhanced contrast through reproduction.

:Avitone P1p-HR and P3p-HR: Negative acting, blue sensitive very high resolution films for making diapositives from black-and-white originals. Microfiche grain film suitable for copying high altitude films with extremely fine graininess. High scratch-resistance and secure film conveying in fast duplicatiors.

:Avitone PD1p-OS and PD3p-OS: Orthochromatic continuous tone diapositive film suitable for copying medium to fine grain recording films. The film is suitable for use in the Open Skies project. The very accurate information and high definition are important for copying reconnaissance photographs.

And now let us turn to color negative and transparency films:

:Aviphot Color X100 PE1: Color negative film without color mask for low, medium and high altitude flights. Suitable for electronic image scanning for the reproduction of clean and saturated colors wihtout additional color correction.

:Aviphot Color X400 PE1: Panchromatic negative maskless color film with high color saturation, designed for aerial photography from low to medium altitudes. It is also suitable for industrial applications requiring a high speed film whereby images are scanned from the film . This film gives excellent definition and lower granularity than a masked film with the same photographic speed.

:Aviphot Color N400 PE1: Color negative film with minimum granularity, high definition and high speed, featuring a perfectly balanced color saturation for low to medium altitude flights.

:Aviphot Color N800 PE1: Color negative film, designed for high-speed aerial photography (up to an altitude of 15,000 ft) or scientific photography. The film renders excellent definition and low granularity, combined with a very high speed emulsion.

:Aviphot Chrome 200 PE1: Panchromatic color reversal film, rendeirng a sharp, low grain positive image with natural colors and very good color saturation. Suitable for low to medium altitude flying.

:Avitone CP70: Negative color copying film with medium color saturation, high brilliance, extra fine grain and ultimate sharpness for making highest quality diapositives from aerial negatives, for use in orthoplotters. Scanning of diapositives without loss of resolution or information.

:Avitone CP94: Negative color copying film with high color saturation and brilliance, optimised contrast range and excellent sharpness for making diapositives from aerial negatives, for use in photoplotters. Also used for making transparency displays.

You may find the descriptions above very similar to some products being offered by independent converters and finishers.

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