Here recently some vendor in Germany was advertising a new direct reversal b/w film, that doesn't need reversal type processing. Well Agfa/Gaevart makes one:

from their web site:

COM Film

In addition to the source document films, Agfa also has a complete range of top-quality COM films and chemicals. Alongside the conventional high-sensitive Datarex films for CRT COM recorders, we present our line of environment-friendly ECOPOS films.

The EcoPos range are direct-reversal films for use in COM recorders. The traditional five processing baths have been reduced to only two, drastically cutting down on chemical consumption and completely eliminating the contaminating bleach bath. As waste disposal is halved and silver recycling easy, it is also an economical process.

Needless to say, EcoPos films meet Agfa's usual high standards offering excellent image and duplicating quality. Other key features include a permanent anti-static back layer.