It seems that the Agfa/Gaevart plant in Belgium offers custom coating facilities. This would be in addition to the huge variety of films (color & b/w) and papers they coat under their own brands. See my posts under the Another Agfa rumor heading.

anyway, here is the data from their web site:

Agfa offers its chemical and coating expertise on a custom-manufacturing base.

Pilot coaters
coating on a short loop with small amounts of coating solution and base (web width 24 cm) and with controlled drying conditions
coating on a continuous base for larger amounts of prototype material under controlled drying conditions

Production installations - watch movie * (4.2 MB)
multilayer cascade and curtain coating with precision coating heads
single or double coating on web in a single pass
front side + back side coating in a single pass
variable coating width
aqueous and solvent coatings (possible in tandem)
gravure coating, multiple coating stations in register, solvent based coatings
solvent coating with multiple coatings in one pass
coatings on glass
in line corona treatment
production web widths up to 1.75m
multiple drying sections, individually temperature and humidity controlled
inert gas drying
dust class: 1.000 a 10.000
coating in dark room conditions
quality control by inline inspection system
production facilities with filtered air at positive pressure

Mix capabilities
mix capabilities on site
computer controlled mix preparation
different sizes of stainless steel vessels
controlled active degassing
in line filtration
multiple in line injections

Converting, slitting
can be offered at the same site
different light conditions, a.o. dark room conditions

Quality management certifications
ISO 9001: 2000
ISO 14001: 2004