It's great to know selling TSF film, micro film and film for military specs on the consumer market, specified on the 35mm and 120 roll films AND have excellent results with this kind of materials.
Maybe one of the reasons some films can survive under the high pressure of digitalisation at the moment.

WITHOUT the TSF and micro film market the whole film industry maybe had collapsed already or was in fact in bigger trouble than some manufacturers are already. Of course same is valid for some medical industry. Thanks to that part some factories will survive also in the consumer market.

Flexible confectioning of materials in smaller amount will be the solution in the near future to secure our need for film and photo paper materials. Do you care if your film base is made on X-ray PET layer? I don't care as long as the quality is on an acceptable level.
Even the use of TSF film has some advantages when making photos under strong tungsten lights because the film has an extended (almost N.I.R.) spectrum.
So whatever the solution will be in the near future: The most important thing is that we can continue using our photo materials.