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I think they're a nice bridge between antique and toy camera
Bear in mind that in the UK it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to draw any connection between Brownies and photography; you will be thrown in prison as a suspected paedophile and your house will be spray-painted by readers of the red-tops.

(Note to the puzzled: Brownies are the junior wing of the Girl Guides, known in the USA, perhaps more realistically and less chauvinistically, as Girl Scouts. Red-tops are the gutter newspapers, and readers of one of the more hysterical red-tops did indeed vandalize the house of a paediatrician. Well, it sounds like paedophile, doesn't it? THIS IS A TRUE STORY!).

Seriously, I love the idea of toy camera snobs: 'No! Your camera's not crappy enough!' Perhaps the difference is that your old Brownie was well designed and well made, whereas toy cameras, for the most part, aren't. I'd out-snob 'em myself: tell the buggers to go out and buy a decent camera for once in their lives.