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Hi all, and thanks for the responses!

You're right of course, that it isn't absolutely necessary to have each unit = 1 second, but it just seemed to make sense to me to start off with mine that way. I just got it, and am still finding my exposure times for polymer gravure plates. Sandy's original post made it sound like such an easy adjustment, that I thought I'd do it with mine too.

Another thing... my exposures (there have to be 2 exposures per plate), are going to be in the 30 to 40 second range. What I've found is that the bulb takes that long to come up to full brilliance. That wouldn't be a problem for long exposure times, because the integrator does it's job... but what happens with a shorter exposure time? That's one reason I'm interested in having my "units" well calibrated.

Susan....My suggestion would be to find some rubylith material or just use a large piece of mounting board to cover up your polymer and wait for the light to come up to full lumens and then remove it. Start your unit timing from that point. If you are only doing that process for a while then you might want to turn your integrator wheel to a different number to slow the "unit per second" timing. Any printing company that had a NuArc might still have some ruby material laying around. It is a dark red masking material used to block UV light while making plates "in the old days". I sent you a pm with my numbers if you would like to call.

Tav Walraven