Not having seen the two facilities, nor the emulsion formulas, I cannot answer that.

I can guess. Based on experience, almost anything can be done such as you propose. All it takes is time and money. Lots of both, but that depends on product and formula differences among other things. Even 'kettle geometry' will affect emulsion quality.

Kodak had an emulsion quality group that worked world wide to compare emulsions and insure that they came out the same everywhere. They met in Rochester about twice a year, and every lab within Kodak had to pass a standard emulsion making test every year. They made an identical emulsion, coated it identically and then compared test results. Those labs that failed were 'uncertified' until the problems could be eliminated.

Regarding the rest of your comment, since Kodak has the lion's share of motion picture film production and Fuji has just about all of the rest, I wonder how much motion picture Agfa Gevaert produces....

My wife recently bought a disposable camera for some quick pictures. It was in a generic cardboard covering but the original camera was Kodak and the camera was "made in china". When the film came back, it was surprisingly good and I thought it was one of the Chinese / Kodak brands, but the edge markings said Agfa.