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Not having seen the two facilities, nor the emulsion formulas, I cannot answer that.

I can guess. Based on experience, almost anything can be done such as you propose. All it takes is time and money. Lots of both, but that depends on product and formula differences among other things. Even 'kettle geometry' will affect emulsion quality.

I fully understand that it would take time and financial backing. It is not a casual endeavor. The point I was making was that there ARE facilities still around that would gladly (for a price) engineer films to your requirements and coat and finish them. Some of those facilities, such as the Agfa Gevaert operations may actually have film stocks currently in production that would be applicable to pictorial photography markets, just requiring converting and packaging for that market. These products just might resemble now discontinued consumer products we have used in the past, as there is a common heritage between Agfa Gevaert and Agfa Germany.