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I fully understand that it would take time and financial backing. It is not a casual endeavor. The point I was making was that there ARE facilities still around that would gladly (for a price) engineer films to your requirements and coat and finish them. Some of those facilities, such as the Agfa Gevaert operations may actually have film stocks currently in production that would be applicable to pictorial photography markets, just requiring converting and packaging for that market. These products just might resemble now discontinued consumer products we have used in the past, as there is a common heritage between Agfa Gevaert and Agfa Germany.
Yes, this is possible.

If I were to ask someone to make Kodabromide paper for me in their facility for example, I would budget a minimum of 1 year, perhaps 2 for the project and a minimum of $100,000 US before the first usable product went out the door.

This assumes they have a full facility and I have a workable small scale single grade formula. It also only budgets for just the one contrast grade. To do more would require more time and money. That is what I would plan on with the expectation of having a good staff and lots of luck. With a good staff and luck it would come in sooner than that.

Everything that failed would teach, but would be nothing but scrap.

That said, a box of 100 8x10 sheets selling for $50 / box retail would take a lot of boxes to pay for the initial investment, interest and etc.

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst is inherent in what I have said above.

I must add that that time scale does not allow sufficient time for real world keeping exposure and processing tests, and a lot of other ancillary real-time testing. It would be going out the door with many parameters untested or partially tested.