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Yes, this is possible.

That said, a box of 100 8x10 sheets selling for $50 / box retail would take a lot of boxes to pay for the initial investment, interest and etc.

I must add that that time scale does not allow sufficient time for real world keeping exposure and processing tests, and a lot of other ancillary real-time testing. It would be going out the door with many parameters untested or partially tested.

Well, the highest quality photo papers made nowdays retail for a price closer to $100 per box of 8x10 100 sheets. (Ilford, Oriental) It is only papers and films from countries that have low labor costs that sell products in the mid $50's.

If you are just converting an existing product into a different size and packaging, little testing should be required. This seems to be the basis for much of what is being offered as new product these days from vendors other than Kodak and Ilford.