I have owned an F4s since 1989, and added an F5 3 years ago.
I sold the F5 again last year, because I did not like it.

I especially did not like the way the F5 handled. I prefer proper buttons and dials over push-button-and-dial operations.

Faster autofocus was never a concern for me - I found out some time ago that no autofocus in the world does the trick for me. I am faster, more reactive and just as accurate focussing anywhere on the screen - providing the screen is bright enough.

I have no real use for a motor either - I could just as well do with a film advance lever. The idea that I can take 20 pictures in a row to make sure that I have one that contains the right moment never worked for me.

I did not like the Matrix metering on either the F4 or F5. My best results were made by spot-metering and using the cameras in manual mode. Again, I found that much easier to use on the F4.

All this of course reflects only my way of work. Both cameras are absolutely phantastic - but if you prefer a camera that has no LCD display but proper buttons that show you the settings directly, the F4 should be your choice.

In addition to that, the F4 is substantially smaller than the F5 when you use the small battery pack - and that can be a really big advantage.

By the way, I sold all my Nikon gear last year and use Contax now exclusively - again, not because the quality or the results with the Nikons were in any way bad. It is just that after I have used the Contax RTS III and the S2 for a while, I found that I never used the Nikons again, just because these cameras accomodated my way of work much better.

So - how do you work? Once you know that, you will know which camera is for you.

Good luck