In my city, Zaragoza (population 700,000), 120 film is impossible to buy. And 35 mm is very limited, not Velvia or Provia here, just some Ektachrome E100G, Sensia and the usual consumer grade colour negative films. I can buy some Plus-X in 35 mm, and some Ilford HP5, but that's all.

I buy film in Barcelona, althoug when I run off I'll begin ordering slide film to BHPhoto. It's by far cheaper than in Spain. A 120 roll costs me about 8 euros. If I order 20 rolls to BHPhoto I can buy it for half the spanish price. B&W prices are very similar so I'll continue buying it in Barcelona. I can travel there in less than 4 hours for 23 euros, cheaper than the shipping costs from USA, and I can take a walk in the Ramblas and see old friends of mine.

I guess I'm the only one buying B&W paper in the city, because when I go to the shops I always see the same stuff, and the holes I left last time I bought... They're not taking new stock, and as I only like FB paper I have to buy it in Madrid or Barcelona now. The same about chemistry. I order it to a B&W specialized shop in Gijon or buy it in Barcelona when I go there.

Recently I have begun to develop my slides at home. In my city there's no one decent lab, and pro labs from Madrid and Barcelona ruin my slides from time to time, so I have not much options. Anyway, I like it.

I buy new equipment in Madrid (I can travel there in the same time and the same cost than Barcelona), because it's cheaper than Barcelona for medium format. I ordered there my last supply of paper too, Forte Fortezo Musseum as Ilford Gallerie is no more available in Spain, but reading that Forte is closing it's factory I guess I have to find somewhere to order Ilford Gallerie again over the net.

I'm beggining to get used to order thing all over the world. My second hand Jobo CPE-2 came with a paper drum and a not working thermostat, so I had a little adventure. Jobo processors have never been well known in Spain, only a few photo clubs and enthusiasts used it, so now is imposible to find them, with the exception of some high end models I can't afford anyway. So I ordered the E-6 kit to BHPhoto, then I discovered I can't use the paper drum for film, and that the roller block only works with paper drums, so I found a provider of spare parts in Luxemburg, I bought there a 1520 tank and the rollers, meanwhile I noticed the thermostat was not working ok, so I asked JOBO US Technical service and they adressed me to a german technical service who sold me the thermostat replacement.

I don't feel like a hermit, I fell like a warrior fighting an endless combat against the world. But people from my region are known for being stubborn, if I say "I'll use film" be sure I'll do even if I have to be the last man standing.