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...your suggestion in improving the situation considering the analog market?
Well, I'm in rural France -- SERIOUSLY rural -- and can't buy anything in any quantity or at a sensible price much closer than Paris (300 km away), and Parisian prices are for the most part so high that it's cheaper to order from the UK, especially Mailshots (www.mailshots.co.uk). Tell 'em I sent you and you should get good service in Greece too. For anything out of the ordinary, Silverprint in London is unbeatable and Martin is a REALLY nice guy.

This is the future, I think: fewer and fewer outlets, and the only chance to see/handle kit at camera fairs/dealer shows (such as Bievres in France or Focus in the UK) or a few good secondhand dealers e.g. (in the UK again) Bernard Hunter in Bristol and Camerex in Exeter or equally few good new dealers such as Robert White -- plus of course specialists such as Linhof and Professional. Or deal direct with e.g. Eddie at Gandolfi.

Mind you, the same is true of digital, unless you want happy-snap cameras.

I've had very few problems with mail-order.