In my town (pop 43,000) it is impossible to buy anything film related, with the exception of 35m consumer film. Fortunately, my work takes me to Winnipeg regularly (2.5 hours by car), and I can get everything I need there (120 film, chemicals, paper etc).
I also do a lot of business online and have had no problems with shipping etc.
There is a core of 8-10 people in my community who are avid film shooters. The local camera club is all digital and mostly made up of gizmo chasers who recycle vast amounts of plastic each year searching for the next magic bullet. Personally I don't have a problem with digital images, and use a digigizmo myself on occasion. Just don't call the product a "photograph"
I have a penchant for buying older rangefinders, tlr's and Polaroids, and am currently looking for a 6x9 folder. As someone on APUG says regularly, "I just like film best".