I live in North Orange County California, about a mile South of Knotts Berry Farm. Most of the nearby photo stores have closed. Those that are still open locally offer only digital equipment and supplies. I work in Long Beach and there is a photo store that I have purchased many items from through the years. In September I went in to buy some Photo Flo and I saw that all but a few items for the darkroom were now gone. I asked them to order some photo flo and the owner told me Kodak discontinued it. I responded with no they haven't and he responded with well they should. I told them I would be doing business elsewhere it he wasn't going to support film and I have not been back.

I don't like to order online and I don't like mail order because I seem to never be home when the package arrives. I live is a tough area and I would not rely on a neighbor to accept the package, they may sell it or pawn it or who knows what.

On Friday I drove into Hollywood to Freestyle and it took over 2 hours to get there with all the traffic. I will not be doing that again anytime soon.

So I am now looking at my options for film and darkroom supplies.

I would rather shop in a store so I can see and handle the product and I don't have to wait for delivery.