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Except for very some basic things, for the darkroom, I must mail order. I have had no problems.
Those of us in Salt Lake would like to point out, however, that Jason shoots very large formats, such as 8x10.

We can get anything we would like from at least 3 local vendors, and although they are also heavy into digital (and why not?) they carry a very nice supply of Ilford photo supplies at one, Kodak at another.

I can always get anything up to 4x5 but have to order larger sizes and I would, of course, need to use places like The View Camera Store (www.viewcamerastore.com) for ULF and odds and ends. This is no problem because their prices are better than the local places and have more knowledge about ULF and the like.

We still have 2 of the best color labs in the west as well and the ability to get wet color prints (c4) [but who would with all that lovely black and white out there ].