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I use monolights because you can place the light where you like the quality of light, and then dial in the f stop that you like to use. I also keep my subject far enough from the background so that neither bringing the light closer nor father from the subject affects the background. If you are using a power pack and a couple of heads then don&#39;t have this option and&nbsp; you have to move the lights to get what f stop you want. Also probably every different company&#39;s lights also give different results in the same light modifier.
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Uh... You lost me here. It took a while, but I&#39;m fairly familiar with the controls on the Dyna Lite Power Packs: Symmetrical - Asysymmetrical; 125, 250 500,watt-second power settings; and the overriding 3 stop Variator.

"Neither moving the light closer nor farther away affects the background"??? This is different with a "Power Pack" light head?

Two problems affect Monolites: Accessing the unit when it is "buried" in a softbox or "up high"(unless you have something like White Lightning&#39;s remote control), and the additonal weight of the unit as opposed to a separate "Light Head". That is a real consideration when hanging a light source on the end of a boom.