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So, what's your story? Where are you? Is it difficult to get stuff?
What would be your suggestion in improving the situation considering the analog market?
Like you, I live on an island, in my case Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean.
There is only one professional processing lab left here, and it is in San Juan, fifty miles away. They are also the only remaining source for film and camera equipment. But their business has fallen drastically, and honestly, I don't see how they are hanging on. It is a family business, and as the owner is aging, I'm sure it will disappear when he retires. They can no longer process sheet film or E6 roll film; I have to send it to the States. They stock a very limited supply of color film, and almost no B&W. I bought a few rolls of Portra the other day, and one of the employees joked about it, asking me if I were buying it "just for old time's sake."

I buy most of my supplies and all my B&W film and paper from the States, mostly from Calumet, and some from B&H. USPS Shipping is prompt from both, and orders arrive in 3-5 days. The postage amounts to about 10-20% of the cost of the merchandise, depending on what I order and how much.

As for improving the analog market, I have no suggestions except to keep shooting and try to convince others to do the same. If the demand is there for film, paper, and cameras, someone will supply it.