It has gotten to the stage here that there are only 2 places in town that sell large format film (4x5). When they do have stock the range is limited, and the cost is extremely high. If they dont have what I want, it takes me less time to order and get it delivered from the US than to order what I want locally and wait for delivery. The price is usually only 20-30% of what I pay locally too. 35mm and 120 film I buy locally as there seems to be a greater availability, and I havent had to order stock in as yet. The price is also greater than the cost of an order from the US.
They do usually stock basic chemistry though. As a result I buy my chemistry locally. If I cant get the chemistry I want locally, I buy from interstate and get it shipped.

Black and White paper is also ordered from the US due to the availability problem and also in some cases to price differences.

If there was a place locally where I could rely on supply I would use it even though the cost is higher. I only started ordering overseas when I couldnt get stock locally.