I started reading the first few pages of this thread then skipped to the end, missing out all that stuff in the middle. Which is, of course, why I never read mystery novels, getting so far I can’t help skipping to the end to find out what happen; which in this case, by enlarge is nothing, or at least so far.

People make up their own mind as to what is right or wrong (acceptable/unacceptable) and will disregard the rest – though I should limit this to adults, children’s minds are open and their values are yet to be written.

Having said above, and I like to be self contradictory, why on earth would any rational mind think the statue of David be pornographic? Is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel pornographic with a picture of a naked man arm out stretched to God also pornographic, or how about all those little cherubs with male genitalia showing.

Obviously the Vatican is a den of vice, pornography and pedophilia and must be closed immediately!