Well everyone I finally got the camera. I have read the books and understand in theory how it works but in practice it just doesnít seem to work.

For example I was playing with the camera today and I had a scene in the ground glass where I was looking down at an angle. I first focused the scene in the bottom of the ground glass, then to keep the perspective I tilted the rear standard back and lastly to keep the foreground sharp I tilted the front standard. The problem is that this really screwed everything up and it just didnít seem to hold sharp.

Another example I tried is again I first focused in the bottom of the ground glass to bring the backgrounds sharp then used the rear standard and tilted to bring everything in focus but it seems that this only again knocked everything out of focus.

Am I doing something wrong?

Being a beginner as LF sucks. But I am determined to nail this and get it down. Oh no it isnít going to get the best of me and I am not giving up but some pointers would be excellent.